Chris Ozer


2016 Roundup


Personal Work

A selection of my favorite personal work from 2016


California Family Road Trip

In April my wife, two sons and I took a two-week road trip from Northern to Southern California.

It was the first time we ever did anything like that as a family. I shot a ton of photos and video along the way, mostly because that's what I love to do, but also because it's important to me to document those memories as best I can.



I launched a new video series called Backlight, exploring  what motivates and inspires creatives. 

Backlight: Alice Gao

Backlight: Joshua Allen Harris


Work for Google

For Google's exciting launch of their new Pixel phones, I produced and shot images on the device to be used as demo content in marketing materials.

I also worked with the Android team on images for the Android security website


Work for The Hub

I shot for The Hub, a new residential building in downtown Brooklyn. The assignment was to capture the essence of the neighborhood through its restaurants, parks, and shopping.


Work for Apple

I shot photos for Apple's new Support website.


Work for FitBit

I shot lifestyle photos for FitBit's new line of fitness trackers


Work for Vizio

I shot lifestyle photos for Vizio's growing list of products.


Work for Target

I partnered with Target for the launch of their new kids clothing line, Cat and Jack. Featuring my sons Dean and Grey :)