Chris Ozer

Backlight: Alice Gao

A profile of prolific travel and still life photographer Alice Gao.

Alice Gao is one of the best living still life photographers, but her work encompasses so much more than that. Her impeccable taste informs a diverse body of work ranging from intimate portraits, to thoughtful fashion, to stunning travel, food and lifestyle photography. Alice's work has had a big impact on my own and I wanted to uncover what exactly goes into her creative process.

I don’t think I consciously think about injecting emotion into these still lifes. I enjoy photographing so much and it’s not even something I can control – when the light comes and I have these objects lying around it’s almost like a magnet where I have to do something with these.
Doing photography full time seemed like such an unrealistic goal, and I was talking to a friend and she was like ‘why don’t you just save up enough money and quit, and I was like ‘why don’t I?’
The biggest way that New York influences me is not even so much in the creative but in the energy and the hustle of the people here. There are so many talented people here and it’s easy to get caught up and think ‘oh man, my work isn’t good enough’ but for me I need to focus on what I can do – what I’m good at.

Director/Producer/Editor: Chris Ozer
Director of Photography: Mikey van Beuren
Music and Sound Design: Robot Repair