Chris Ozer

Backlight: Joshua Allen Harris

Backlight: Joshua Allen Harris


A profile of photographer Joshua Allen Harris, a rising star in the street photography world. 

In early 2014 my friend Joshua Allen Harris had a burning desire to own a Leica. His long career as a successful illustrator, sculptor, and stylist had left him feeling creatively unsatisfied. When the Leica came around, something inside of him clicked — his creative past came together seamlessly into one medium.

Three new books: BroadwayBelmont, and Tahoma feature Joshua's prolific street photography work. Joshua explains his creative process and more in this Backlight profile video.

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Backlight is Chris's personal series of video and stills intended to uncover what motivates and inspires creatives.

For me, I wanted to have a collection of pictures that floated like a poem or sounded like a song.
All of this work that I’ve shot in the last year, nobody has seen but myself. I’ve held all of it. I think there’s something really powerful to that. It’s hard to say, ok I’m ready to share this work that I learned through and is very raw and not where I want to be, but as artists that’s part of it. You have to—at some point—share it and show it.
I think a lot about that other side of life: the unknown, the magic, the mystery. And I think you rely a lot on that when you’re shooting street. You show up with the anticipation that life’s going to show up too, and if you position yourself and if you are ready then what might come through your frame?

Director/Producer: Chris Ozer
Director of Photography/Editor: Mikey van Beuren